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Photo Mamie and Sadie

Mamie and Sadie

Gender: Female
Age: 2ish and 16wks
Weight: 45lbs and 25lbs
Breed: Boxador
Spay/Neuter: Not Spayed/Neutered

Contact Name: Katherine James
Contact Phone: 901-491-6914
Contact Secondary Phone:
Contact Email: k.james_2012@yahoo.com

Mamie and Sadie's Bio

Mamie and Sadie are a momma and puppy that I found abandoned on the side of the highway about 2 months ago. I have paid for both of their vet bills, and both are perfectly healthy aside from Mamie currently undergoing heartworm treatment. We are paying for that, and the vet says the prospects are good because she is young and otherwise completely healthy. They are extremely good natured, and they get along perfectly with our other two dogs (a Rottweiler and mut-medium sized). They have not demonstrated any violent tendencies, and they are very loving and sweet. The puppy gets excited and loves to play fetch while the momma just wants to lay her head on your lap. I feel like they would be amazing pets for children, and I think its very important for them to stay together. They have shared trauma and panic when they get separated, so I believe its in their best interest to stay with each other.