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Photo Archie VI, 18-035

Archie VI, 18-035

Gender: Male
Age: 2
Weight: 13 pounds
Breed: Chihuahua Mix

Sponsor's Heart 

Thanks to John Gilchrist For Giving Me a Second Chance!

Archie VI, 18-035's Bio

Archie, coming from a hoarding situation, has adjusted very well to house life. Here is a word from his foster on his behavior:Archie is a SWEETHEART. It did not take him long to settle in with us. He gets along great with my dogs, mildly curious about the cats but not aggressive in the least little bit, he's a snuggler but doesn't HAVE to be on your lap (like my dogs are), very quiet - haven't heard him bark once, whines a little when crated at night but gets quiet after lights out, eats just fine, still learning what a leash is but didn't take him long to get used to it. The ONLY problem we are having is he is not housebroken! We are working on that but he's not taking to it as quickly as my pups did when I got them, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Anyway, I love him and hope he finds a really, really good home! He does sleep a lot but I figure he is finally getting to enjoy some real peace and quiet, and I think he would do great if he got to stay in a more peaceful environment; he might be more nervous if he was in a busy house - ours is not and I'm at home all day, so that may be what has helped him to feel safe and calm 

Archie will be vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped. His adoption fee is $150.

CARE's adoptable pets are specifically evaluated and selected to be family and companion animals. We place them in foster homes where they live in the home environment and become part of the family while awaiting permanent adoption. For that reason, they will do best in homes where they are primarily inside pets and spend lots of time with their families.If you are interested in meeting Archie or learning more about the adoption process, please visit our website and submit our online adoption application here: