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Photo Fairy Cakes

Fairy Cakes

Gender: Female
Age: 8 mo
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Spay/Neuter: Spayed/Neutered

Contact Name: Teighlor Chaney
Contact Phone: 5012390557
Contact Secondary Phone: 5012390557
Contact Email: teighlorchaney@gmail.com

Fairy Cakes's Bio

Fairy Cakes is a 6-8-month-old female brown shorthaired tabby with bright green eyes and a pink nose. She was found in a tree and rescued by the Beebe Animal Control. Unfortunately, the BAC doesn't take cats, so she ended up with me. She will be spayed the 25th of July (2017) and has had her rabies vaccination. The fee for her adoption will reflect the cost of the spay. Fairy is a small kitty, and I don't suspect she'll get much larger. Her name was inspired by this small size and her forest origins. Upon our first meeting (before she ended up in a tree) Fairy approached me and a small dog and rubbed against the dog, so my guess is she came from a home with dogs, but since being chased up a tree by a larger one she has been hesitant around my husky. I have so far been unsuccessful introducing Fairy to my cats. When it comes to other cats she's a tiny spitfire.I do think with some patience and a slow introduction, she could happily live with another cat. I live with six cats, so I feel that this is just overwhelming for her in such a small space. If you decide to adopt Fairy I'll be on hand to provide any advice and assistance that you need. Personality-wise, she's a sweetheart and silly. String toys baffle her (I'm afraid she may have been abused as she seems to flinch around toys that are handheld). She loves her "beepy lion" a small toy that tweets when she touches it. Mostly, she wants to play with your hand or your foot. She's gentle, but I try not to encourage rough housing in this way. I highly suggest you follow me on Instagram @catteighls: https://www.instagram.com/catteighls/ as I post adoption videos of my foster animals and it will give you a chance to see Fairy in action. Probably the cutest thing about Fairy is she likes to give you baths! I love getting up in the morning and being greeted by sand-paper kisses. I think Fairy would do well in any household if given time, however, it is my policy to not adopt to families with children under the age of 10 or to families that intend to keep a cat outdoors. Especially in Fairy's case, being outdoors is not recommended. Remember - she ended up stuck in a tree for a day, became dehydrated and stressed because a local unleashed dog chased her. I'd rather not have her go through that again. You may email or text me for information. No phone calls please unless you have no other means of contact.