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Photo Pete, 13-189

Pete, 13-189

Gender: Male
Age: 7 years
Weight: 60 lbs.
Breed: Hound Mix
Spay/Neuter: Spayed/Neutered

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Sponsor's Heart 

Thanks to Mark and Patti Bennett For Giving Me a Second Chance!

Pete, 13-189's Bio

Sam, who is now known as Pete, was returned to us several months ago. His adopter was forced to move, and Pete could not go with her. This was pretty devestating for both her and Pete. Pete suffers from separation anxiety, and his coming back to CARE definitely exacerbated the situation. He is now on several medications that help tremendously, but he is still and probably always will be an anxious guy. You wouldn't necessarily know it upon meeting him. It's when he's left alone that the problems arise. He does better with another dog, preferably a female who doesn't really want to interact with him. What he needs most is a very stable, quiet environment with someone around most of the time. He doesn't do well when crated, and can get out of any kind of confinement you can imagine (crate, closed off room, fenced yard, etc). If he can't get out, he's been known to hurt himself trying. Pete has been relatively untested home alone since being returned to us. We've just been trying to make his transition back into foster care as easy on him as possible.

Happy Pete is an awesome dog, and he's never happier than when his person can take him on car rides. He will sit in the car by himself for hours at a time with no issues whatsoever. That's not going to work when the weather warms up, though. He's always up for a walk, and is great on leash. When not out and about, he mostly lounges around. He's definitly on the lower end of the energy scale. 

Pete's been doing really well, and we feel it's time to try to find him a real home. Ideally, it will be with someone who doesn't venture out much and is willing to do what it takes to help him adjust. All he needs is time, space, and most of all, love!

If you're interested in meeting Pete or learning more about our adoption process, please fill out the online Adoption Application. Thanks!