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10 Lost and Found Hints and Tips

  1. Post a digital photo of the lost/found pet on CARE's Lost and Found page.
  2. Post a digital photo of the lost/found pet on the Arkansas Lost & Found Pet Network website or Arkansas Lost & Found Pet Network on Facebook.
  3. Make a flyer with a picture of the lost/found pet and post it around your neighborhood; post flyers at all local gas stations, grocery stores, and vet clinics; provide copies to local animal shelters (see list below).
  4. Post a free lost/found ad in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
  5. Call and provide a description to local groomers and veterinarians. Be sure to leave your contact information!
  6. Visit local animal shelters to look for your pet. Don't rely on shelter staff to know if your missing pet is there or not. Shelters are very busy with animals constantly going in and out and verbal descriptions are not universal. You can call, but the safest bet is to make a weekly personal visit and view each kennel yourself.
  7. Transport a found pet to your city animal shelter or veterinarian, and ask to have the pet scanned to check for an implanted microchip (which will provide contact information for the pet's owner through the microchip company's database).
  8. If you have to go to work or sleep, leave out your pet's favorite dish, luring him with the scent. You can also leave out his/her bed or something else with his/her scent.
  9. Talk to your mail carrier, newspaper delivery person or anyone who is regularly in your neighborhood. Be sure to give them a copy of your flyer.
  10. Don't Give Up! Keep posting fresh flyers at local gas stations/convenience stores and continue spreading the word to neighbors, mail carriers, vets, etc.

Here are the addresses and phone numbers for local shelters:

updated: 01/04/2017