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On January 2nd, CARE welcomed Courtney Davidson as its Programs Coordinator.

CARE joined Shane Stack of Shane Plays for a radio interview on March 25th.  You can listen to the interview at http://shaneplays.com/animator-jeffrey-nodelman-radio-show-podcast-ep-93/

CARE joined D.J. Williams of KARK 4 Today on March 27th for an interview.  You can watch the interview at http://www.arkansasmatters.com/news/kark-4-today/the-making-of-an-artist-creative-inspirations/681239353

CARE joined Pat Walker of Fox 16 Good Day on March 27th for an interview.  You can watch the interview at http://www.fox16.com/klrt-good-day/care-art-show-benefit/681278956

CARE's Execitive Director, Ashley Younger, was recognized by Little Rock Soiree as a Women to Watch for 2017.  http://www.littlerocksoiree.com/women-to-watch/87/ashley-driver-younger

On July 5th, Megan Heaton joined the CARE team as Volunteer Coordinator.

CARE joined Laura Monteverdi of THV11 on August 7th to discuss the importance of spay/neuter and CARE's low-cost options.

CARE's Executive Director, Ashley Younger, was selected by the USTA Arkansas for "Champions Off the Court."  http://www.arktennis.com/news/champions_off_the_court_-_ashley_younger/

CARE hosted Paws at the Net at Rebsamen Tennis Center from August 11th through 13th and rasied over $19.000 to help pets in need!



CARE rescued 112 cats and dogs, held three spay/neuter clinics, assisted in the sterilization of 611 cats and dogs, and issued 580 spay/neuter vouchers.

November 19th - December 4th:  Paws with Santa Claus, presented by Centennial Bank, raised over $8,000 to help pets find homes for the holidays.

November 3rd:  Paws in the Vineyard, presented by Bark Bar and Gill Ragon Owen, raised over $14,200 to help cats and dogs in need. 

August 12th - August 14th:  The first annual Paws at the Net, presented by Cheryl Tidwell of Modern Woodmen Financial, raised over $16,000 and had abput 140 players.  CARE also received the USTA Arkansas's award for Adult Tennis Tournament of the Year. 

May, 11th:  The 9th annual Paws on the Runway rasied over $50,000 to fund CARE's rescue efforts.  

March 28th:  CARE welcomed Jessica Rogers as its Volunteer Coordinator.



November 9th:  CARE welcomed Ashley Younger as its Executive Director.

February 19th:  CARE assisted the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) with a puppy mill/hoarder in Warm Springs Arkansas. 57 animals (46 dogs, 3 cats, and 8 chickens) were rescued.  CARE acquired 10 Great Pyrenees and mixes and placed them all into loving homes.

January 13th:  CARE assisted in rescuing dogs from deplorable conditions with a hoarder in Hot Spring County, rescuing a total of 13 dogs.



CARE received a $200,000 grant to be applied to its spay/neuter efforts from the Arkansas Animal Rescue Foundation. 

April 25th:  Ashley Younger, CARE Board Member, Promoted 'Paws on the Runway'

April 10th:  Napoleon, CARE/Paws In Prison Alum, Promotes 'Paws On The Runway'

March:  CARE assisted the Humae Society of the United States (HSUS) with a Puppy Mill Rescue in White County, Arkansas.  180 pets (dogs, rabbits, exotic birds, horses, chickens, etc.) were rescued, and CARE took 13 of them into the rescue program.  They were all adopted into loveing homes!



Happy 14th Birthday, CARE! September 21, 2012!
September 21st:  HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY, CARE!  CARE began rescuing in 1998!  Thanks to our great volunteers, caseworkers, foster families, contributors, and staff for supporting CARE!

August:  CARE assisted the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) with a Hoarding Rescue in White County Arkansas.  90 pets were rescued, and CARE took 7 of them into its adoption program.  They were all adopted into loving homes!

July 11th:  Fox News 16 "FURSDAY." PRESENTING.... MASON BLACK!! Adoptable dog MASON BLACK had his time in the spotlight! 



September 8:  "LOVE YOUR BLOCK" GRANT FULFILLMENT!  In partnership with the Home Depot, the Heights Neighborhood Association, and the City of Little Rock, CARE added improvements to our headquarters!  What a wonderful day for CARE!  Talk about team work!  Thank you to the volunteers from CARE, the Heights Neighborhood Association, and the Home Depot for CARE's new deck!

May 1st:  Paws in Prison Program Helping Change Lives - KATV